Web site design and development services

Web services offered at Interkey Solutions

What services do we offer and how can we help you?

At Interkey Solutions, it is our goal to evaluate your web needs and provide you with a solution tailored to the requirements of your business and your users.

Interkey Solutions offers a variety of services to help your business connect with its customers.

Web site design and development

For businesses or individuals looking to make their first debut on the internet or for those that are not interested in maintaining their own site, we offer traditional web site development. These sites may be simpler but they can still pack a punch and make an impact. There is no need for these sites to be dull and static either, we can do the updates for you to keep your site current.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

For those a little more tech savvy and need the ability manage their web site content, we can design and develop a custom set-up that is right for you and your users. Why ask someone else to make a change to your web site when you can easily do it yourself from any web browser.

E-commerce web sites

Need or want to sell your products online? Are you missing out on a big opportunity to increase your sales? More and more businesses today are taking advantage of the ability to offer their products online. Allowing customers to purchase from your web site not only increases your profits but also give you an advantage over your competitors and attract new customers.

Web site maintenance

To our valued clients we also offer web site maintenance services. If you don’t have the time or want to be bothered with updating your web site, we can do that for you. It is as easy as sending an email outlining the the updates or additions you require. Updates are usually completed within 1 business day. No hassle and prompt personal service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is essential for businesses to have a great site but if no one knows it exists, it really isn’t that useful. SEO is the process of optimizing the content on your site’s pages to be indexed and ranked high in search engines based on the search terms entered by potential customers. The higher you rank the more likely new users will find and visitor your web site.

PDF to HTML conversion

PDF documents are a great file format for many uses but really lack contributing to the content of your site. By converting important PDF documents to HTML, you are making that content accessible to search engines, and in doing so you make that content directly accessible, and searchable and help contribute to your SEO. PDF documents are great for printing on the web but not so great in helping your content or your business for that mater be found by potential customers.