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scotthillphotography.ca web site launch

Scott Hill Photography web site

One of my passion outside of work is photography and I have recently launched a web site devoted to this hobby – scotthillphotography.ca Within this site I showcase my portfolio of landscape, nature and people/portrait photography. I have a unique style of highly saturated color and dramatic black and white photographs that resemble HDR but are not. If you are interested in photography or simply like beautiful picture why not check it out? Enjoy!

Is Google glass a fad or the future?

Interested in wearing your computer on your head like some futuristic pair of glasses? Well your dream may come true sooner than you think. Google glass is essentially a tiny screen with a camera, microphone and headphones which look like a pair of odd glasses when worn. Connected to the web, it allows users to search the internet, seek directions, take pictures, tweet and more. The output of which appears on a small screen as if projected in front of one eye.

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Back up your data – just do it!

Think it can’t happen to you. Well, Murphy’s law says it will and for many of us it already has! Just ask Jingming Zhang, a Ph.D. student at Rutgers University, who recently lost his laptop and all its data including his graduate thesis. You may not have five years of thesis work stored on your computer but you probably do have many valuable files and irreplaceable memories in the form of pictures and family videos.

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