Is Google glass a fad or the future?

Interested in wearing your computer on your head like some futuristic pair of glasses? Well your dream may come true sooner than you think. Google glass is essentially a tiny screen with a camera, microphone and headphones which look like a pair of odd glasses when worn. Connected to the web, it allows users to search the internet, seek directions, take pictures, tweet and more. The output of which appears on a small screen as if projected in front of one eye.

How usable this device will be remains to be seen. While many may view this technological advancement as super cool, many others may view it as nothing more than a fad. Sure it has our interest and we would all likely try it out if given the chance but, for how long will it keep our interest? Would we really want to wear it every day or would it just make us feel weird? With a $1500 price tag, at least until it gains some acceptance and is created for the masses, most of us will have to wait to find out.

While it may be a fad, it may also, despite its geeky appearance, be the precursor to something actually useful in time. When the computer first came out it was by today’s standard an over priced electrical box that didn’t do much of anything. Still some of us thought it was cool and bought one anyways. And now look at where we are at today – could you live without your computer, tablet, Ipad or cell phone? Maybe Google glass is like the VIC 20, Commadore 64 or Apple 2 – expensive with little applicable uses at present but lets give it time to blossom and who knows what the future may hold.