About Interkey Solutions web site design and development

Scott Hill - President and Owner at Interkey Solutions

Who is Interkey Solutions and why would you choose us?

Simply put, customer service. Of course we pride ourselves on quality web sites tailored to your needs but, where we really shine is taking care of our clients, before, during and after the development process.


Interkey Solutions has been providing web design and development services since 1998. Over the years we have had the privilege of developing web site solutions for numerous private businesses and government organizations (see our previous client list). Interkey first began under the name of Axiomatikos and was soon renamed Nexware Corporation (the reason is probably evident) after acquisition in 1998. At that time the company was servicing predominantly government organizations. In 2001, after departure of one of the partner, the company was again renamed Interkey Solutions. It was at this time we began developing for private businesses in addition to retaining the government clientele.

Why choose us for your web site needs?

As the owner of Interkey Solutions, my primary goal is to ensure our clients receive not only a quality web site but also a personalized experience. Over the years I have taken on a variety of jobs resulting from misinformation, poor communication and in the end, often a less than ideal product. That is not what we are about. We are continually in communication with our clients, keeping them informed at each step along the way (have a look at our previous client testimonials). We strive to work with you to develop a site that is right for both you and your site users.

When it comes to managing your site, you may want to update it yourself or you may not. Your site visitors may be technically savvy and have the latest up to date browser and be able to take advantage of the latest technology or they may not. These are only a couple of the things to consider when creating your site. The one thing that should be universal across all sites though is ease of navigation and intuitiveness of design. If a site is full of visual gimmicks or difficult for visitors to find what they are looking for, it isn’t going to be useful or effective.

If you are looking for a web site, are unhappy with your current web developer or simply want a change, why not use our contact form to get in touch.